My Music Journey Began...

in Kingston, Jamaica where I was born and raised.  I migrated to the US at the age of 30. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY . I am a retired professional and I am currently following my life long dream to be a singer /  recording artist.

 I have a BA  Liberal Arts/Communication  and a Masters of Arts in Public Administration. I am also the co-founder and President of Society for the Advancement of the Caribbean Diaspora (SACD) and the founder/ director  of  The  African American Caribbean Singers (1992-2003) ( Afro Carib-A singers) . I am also a  Chef and I have contributed several Caribbean  recipes to the following online publications, NewsAmericaNow, WiredJa, and Caribbean News  Weekly.  I am also a mentor. I enjoy motivating and inspiring  people, especially the young.

 I  am not only a food lover , I am also a lover of  the Arts. My favorite  are  music and poetry; they are like spiritual medicines to me. I love all genres of music. I also love photography, decorating  fabrics and painting still life and landscapes. I enjoy learning basic expressions in different languages and studying different cultures.

 My love for music was inspired by my mother and  father.  My mother sang to my brother and I often while my father took us to various Rum bars across the island of Jamaica and gave us money  to play the Juke boxes in the bars.

As a high school student in Jamaica I studied voice. I am a  songwriter, poet, playwright and a new recording artist.  My dream is to sing in an opera and  perform jazz  songs. I must say however, that  my recent venture into singing reggae has been fun, joyfull, exciting, revealing and beyond my wildest dreams. Because of this experience I decided to write the song  "Dream Big".  I  now believe everyone should dream big and follow their dreams! its the only way to true self-fulfilment and  happiness.



"I also think of your music as "light in the dark" and beacon of hope. While too many artistes are focused these days on doom and gloom, violence and poverty, your music offers a hopeful and better vision for the future. “Dream Big” and “Don't Drink your sorrows with a bottle of wine" for examples".

Producer | Art of Music Online Studio, Austria