The Making of my first album - 'Dance With Me'

The  Making of my first album - 'Dance With Me'

Recording my first pop album “Dance With Me” was magical! and joyful! as I have said many times music is medicine to me!

The process of making the album was exhilarating because as I got inspired, I wrote several songs and created their melodies also.  Each song came to me from my own life experiences and from my own vision and philosophy of life, love and hope for all human beings and the planet.

Each time after writing a song, I would record it on my iPhone and send voice notes to my producer/arranger Lee Holness of Art of Music Online Studio, whose genius arrangement would elevate each of my song to dimensions that captured my heart and created for me pure joy ! and the “medicine” that only music can give me.

It was out of those experiences and process that my  album “ Dance With Me “ was born! I hope you like it! and it will be medical to your heart and soul also and put a smile on your face and bring joy to you each day!!

"Dance with me”  is a 12 song compilation that includes various musical genres, such as Reggae, Ska and Soca.  The songs on the album are motivational and love songs as well, songs  about life and  nature. The release date for  "Dance With Me'' is to be determined. In the meantime a song from the album will be released  every four to six weekes before the album is released. The goal is to build interest in the album over time.

When producer Lee Holeness , was asked to describe my music he said the following...... "I also think of your music as "light in the dark" and beacon of hope. While too many artistes are focused these days on doom and gloom, violence and poverty, your music offers a hopeful and better vision for the future. “Dream Big” and “Don't Drink your sorrows with a bottle of wine “ for examples.