Press Release for "Dream Big"

Press  Release   for "Dream Big"

“Dream Big” , is the my  latest single released  this year.  “Dream big “ was written and performed by me using the music genre of Ska!

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 As a retired professional, music lover, mentor and as a new recording artist, the genre of ska fits right into my repertoire as I  explore various genres to carry the message in my songs . “Dream Big” is a motivational song. 
 I believe Ska , which was created in Jamaica in the 1960s and was popular for years  , is still a viable and relevant music genre for all generations. I  also believes it the best vehicle to carry the message to my  fans and well-wishers to  “Dream Big !!….don’t bury your dreams.. .and To keep pushing until you die!  “
Having completed my 12-song pop album “ Dance with me”  I will now start recording my  second album and continue to work to release a new song  from her first album “Dance with me “ every one or two months until the second album is released.  The goal is to build interest in the  album  “Dance with me “ 
“Dream Big” is available on all online music platforms!! I encourage everyone to buy it and share it with family and friends!!
For Immediate ReleaseContact:Minna LafortuneEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Ph:917-771-793