Gifted Jamaican-born singer-songwriter, Minna LaFortune, has delighted her fans and admirers with her new single, 'Gifts of Nature,'

Gifted Jamaican-born singer-songwriter, Minna LaFortune, has delighted her fans and admirers with her new single, 'Gifts of Nature,'



Minna LaFortune

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Minna LaFortune, the gifted Jamaican born singer-songwriter who makes uplifting music, has released her latest single “Gifts of Nature”, a beautiful tribute to the natural wonders of the world. The song is part of her upcoming EP “Dance with me” Volume 1, which is expected to drop on Father’s Day, 2023.

“Gifts of Nature” displays Minna’s strong vocals and lyrical skills, as she sings about the happiness and gifts of nature on earth that are given to us all to explore and enjoy. Minna urges her listeners to explore, experience and listen to the sounds of nature. She also reminds them that they all are gifts of nature themselves, created by God with a purpose and a potential. The song encourages them to follow their dreams and live fully.

The song features a catchy melody and a soothing acoustic music accompaniment, creating a warm and relaxing mood. The song has received positive feedback from Minna’s fans, who have praised her for her creativity and sincerity. Many fans have commented that the song is a breath of fresh air in these challenging times, and that it inspires them to appreciate the simple things in life. The song has attracted over twenty-one thousand views in its first twenty-four hours on Minna’s YouTube channel.

Minna LaFortune said that she wrote the song as a way of expressing her love and gratitude for nature, which has always been a source of inspiration and healing for her. She said that she hopes that the song will touch people’s hearts and minds and encourage them to celebrate and care for the environment and themselves.

“I feel so blessed to be able to share this song with the world. It’s a very personal and meaningful song for me because it reflects my feelings and experiences with nature. I think nature is one of the greatest gifts we have, and we should never take it for granted”.

“Gifts of Nature” is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and more. Fans can also watch the official music video for the song on Minna’s YouTube channel, which features stunning scenes of nature from around the world.

Minna LaFortune is a singer-songwriter who resides in New York City. She has been singing since she was a child. A year ago she began her career as a recording artist and will be releasing her first album by the end of this year. Minna has released seven amazing singles so far. Her music is influenced by various genres, such as reggae, ska , soca, soul, pop, folk, jazz, opera and gospel. Her songs are known for their uplifting messages, catchy tunes, and heartfelt vocals. Her fan base has been growing steadily, with positive feedback pouring in from fans in the US and around the world. Minna is eager to perform live at various venues and events in New York city and elsewhere.

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