Minna LaFortune’s latest single celebrates the power of Reggae

Minna LaFortune’s latest single celebrates the power of Reggae




Jamaican artiste Minna LaFortune introduces her newest single, “Reggae Music Is Love to Me,” as a heartfelt ode to her enduring love for reggae music. 

The single serves as a landmark in her extraordinary musical journey, marking the deep emotional and cultural connection she feels with the genre.

A journey through musical roots

Originating from the heart of Jamaica, Minna LaFortune has witnessed the dynamic transformation of Jamaican music over the years. 

She has skillfully navigated through various genres, making this single a testament to the everlasting allure of the musical tones that resonate from her homeland.

The essence of reggae captured

In her latest offering, Minna’s affinity for reggae music is palpable. The lyrics passionately express her request for reggae music to speak and sing to her through its distinctive drum and bass, guitar, and organ. 

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The song captures the freeing, uplifting, and healing attributes of reggae, mirroring not just her personal feelings but also the genre’s deep cultural and historical significance.

For Minna, reggae music transcends mere auditory experience—it serves as a source of empowerment and a treasure that enriches her life immeasurably. Despite life’s ups and downs, she attests that reggae music is a reliable companion that consistently brightens her days.

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Expanding the musical horizon: The debut EP

Beyond her latest single, Minna is actively promoting her debut EP, “Dance With Me, Volume 1.” The collection includes a variety of tracks, such as “Summer Love,” “Mek A Money,” “Dream Big,” “I Wanna Dance With You,” and “My Brotherman.” 

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These songs are readily accessible across all major music platforms, and her social media channels provide an inside look into her artistic journey.

CD copies are available

For fans looking to own a physical piece of her musical narrative, CD copies of her debut EP are available for purchase on her official website. 

This offers her audience a tangible connection to her music and stands as a thank-you gesture for their steadfast love and support.

“Reggae Music Is Love to Me” was set to release on September 2, 2023, across all major online music platforms. 

In addition to the audio experience, fans can look forward to an accompanying music video scheduled for debut within the next few weeks.