My First Interview

My First Interview

I had the opportunity to participate in my first television interview, and it was an amazing experience. Andrea Cruz, from the non-profit organization Ella Suena, conducted the interview. I was impressed by the organization's use of music to empower women and inspire girls and young women to pursue their dreams.

During the program, I was also interviewed alongside recording artist Karina Leham, a Chilean living in Australia. It was inspiring to hear her music and her positive views about women in the music industry and the importance of nature in our lives. 

Both Karina and I received many positive feedback from the audience who tuned in to watch our interview.

Ella Suena's message is clear - dreams should not be limited by one's gender. Instead, success is determined by discipline and perseverance. It is refreshing to see an organization using music as a peaceful tool to promote such a positive message.

Overall, I highly recommend tuning into Ella Suena's programming and supporting their mission of empowering women through music. The interview was a truly inspiring experience that left me feeling encouraged and motivated to pursue my own dreams.

Watch the interview by clicking the link below: